We hold rush in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Beginning with your pledge class, leadership opportunities are immediately made available within the pledge class. Upon initiation, you are able to run for one of our 31 leadership positions.

Professional fraternities foster brotherhood the same way social fraternities do, and add an extra element by focusing on certain types of careers (such as business), which gives the brothers and sisters the opportunities to help each other academically, to develop their professional interests, and to network for the future. Professional fraternities are usually co-ed, while social fraternities are only for men and social sororities are only for women.

As a pledge of Phi Chi Theta, you will attend a variety of different events such as philanthropy, social, fundraising, and pledge meetings. We consider the pledge process to be about as much work as a three credit hour class.

As a Brother of Phi Chi Theta, there are various professional, brotherhood, fundraising, and philanthropy events, as well as chapter meetings, social gatherings, and more! An average week as a PCT Brother or Sister would most likely include 1-3 hours of events spread out over the week, and is a very manageable time commitment.

Yes! We encourage those who did not receive a bid to rush again. Several of our members rushed multiple times before receiving a bid.

No, you do not. We accept anyone with a focus in business. If you are unsure whether your major falls into this category, please contact us through the Contact page.

Yes; since one is a professional fraternity and one is social, they are considered to be different types of organizations, and therefore there is no conflict of interest involved by being in both.


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